This new firm is the creation of Founder Gary Brant, an international social media and talent executive visionary, coupled with Peter Rose, a British corporate and business financial executive who’s motion picture production credits also include Guy Ritchie’s “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”.

After meetings over the summer of 2012 with important film producers in Hollywood, Brant imagined the rebirth of each the Russian film business and its close by independent Republic of Belarus, by facilitating movie productions to be done inside of the region, offering both the a localised economic stimulation and as well cost reductions for its movie studio and also independent production company customers.

One of UTI’s very first customers is Executive Producer James Dodson, whose sci-fi motion picture “Chronicle” was made in South Africa to obtain a minimal production budget of $12 million dollars, and achieved $22 million dollars within its launching weekend which coincided with the Super Bowl.

In addition to that, currently the enterprise has also just signed two screenwriters, Yana Gibbs and also Richard Lasser as their exclusive literary agent, publicist and manager.

Yana Gibbs was born and lived in Moscow till the age of 16. She undertook studies violin at the world-famous Moscow Music School branded after the Gnessiny Sisters. Soon after her formalised musical training, she left Russia and moved to Israel, then to Paris and, eventually, for the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, where she’s resided for 16 years. Writing was constantly a part of her life style, becoming a film writer subsequently after concluding the fiction writing program in New York City-based Gotham Writers’ School.

“I am happy to understand that my writing profession is in professional hands – I’m able to from now on end multi-tasking and simply focus on what I do the best – Simply write!” recounted Ms. Gibbs in the contract signing occasion.

“We are rather enthusiastic in UTI of being working together with Ms. Gibbs, who really captured our focus due to her sci-fi feature script “The Crossing”, and, “The Villa”, a tv detective mystery-thriller set in a attractive Caribbean vacation resort,” reported UTI’s CEO Gary Brant.

Mr. Lasser gained his B.A. at the University of Virginia having a dual-major with Honors English coupled with Russian Language and Literature, that includes post graduate studies at UCLA. Mr. Lasser thereafter became an pro translator within the Russian language and furthermore has done many different film projects linked to Russia, by way of example his feature-length autobiographical screenplay “My Soviet Summer”.

The writer’s scripts include subjects which range from romantic, coming of age memories just as told with “My Soviet Summer”, to spellbinding thrillers which include his atmospheric tale involving reprisal and high stakes smuggling in “The Cellist”.

“I’m well pleased indeed that UTI has chosen to represent me. Their team of skilled film specialists would be the envy of any literary agency. I know they’ll provide me with many opportunities to share my stories with the world,” stated Mr. Lasser at the signing celebration.

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